Economical made-to-measure ultrasonic humidification

For over 20 years, STULZ has been supplying its UltraSonic humidifying systems for made-to-measure humidification that ensures the best possible processes and high quality standards.

Solutions for UltraSonic units

  • A modular humidifying system for installation in ventilation ducts (UltraSonic ENS) or direct room humidification (UltraSonic BNB)

  • The UltraSonic SCA and UltraSonic FN solutions have been developed for pinpoint accuracy in humidification

  • Typical applications: the print industry, photo laboratories, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage, ventilation cabinets, the leather and textile industry, equipment rooms (Data Centers), labs and test rooms



  • Maximum energy savings – 93 % less electricity than electrode/resistance steam humidifiers

  • Excellent control characteristics: immediate humidifier capacity

  • Energy-saving cooling effect due to physical characteristics

  • Flexible actuation

  • Very fine mist (0.001 mm or 1 µm), which is immediately assimilated in the air

  • Long oscillator life: minimum running time based on nameplate power rating is 10,000 operating hours

  • Rapid payback/future-proof investment given rising energy prices

  • Hygienic humidification thanks to a continual supply of fresh water and special purging/flushing cycles



  • Additional adiabatic cooling effect

  • Approved for hygienic operation to VDI6022

  • Energy consumption: approx. 60 W per 1 kg/h of humidifier capacity



  • Stulz UltraSonic Brochure

    An efficient way to optimum air quality

    • File: Stulz_Ultrasonic_brochure_1801_en.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 2,40 MB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2018-01-01

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