Free Cooling

TelAir with Direct Free Cooling

TelAir units are especially efficient in Free Cooling mode. With their high airflow in Free Cooling and Mixed modes, the units achieve maximum EER values.

Free Cooling mode

At low outside temperatures, outside air is used directly for cooling. The outside air is conveyed into the interior when the air damper is open. Energy-intensive compressor cooling is not needed when outside temperatures are low. This way, Free Cooling brings you huge potential savings.

Air conduction in Free Cooling mode

Mixed mode

If Free Cooling is not sufficiently available due to the outside temperature, the unit can still use the outside air to some extent. The result is a combination of compressor cooling and Free Cooling.

Air conduction in Mixed mode

Compressor mode (DX)

If outside temperatures are so high that the outside air would no longer help to cool the inside, all cooling is generated using the compressor. Even in this mode, the perfectly harmonized components we use keep STULZ air conditioning units work reliably and efficiently.

Air conduction in Compressor mode (DX)

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