System Integration

Planning and implementation of tailor-made, completely prefabricated data centers

STULZ Technology Integration (STULZ-TI) are data center design and construction specialists, providing solutions on a global scale. These data centers are designed to meet your needs in terms of computing and data storage, ranging from micro data center solutions to container solutions to large-scale installations for high-performance computing applications.



Modular Data Centre

A Modular Data Centre from STULZ TI is a high performance, cost effective solution that is assembled on site from prefabricated, maintenance-free, fireproof panels.


Rapid Deployment Data Centre (RDDC)

The RDDC from STULZ TI is a complete, prefabricated data center in the form of a self-contained, transportable unit the size of an ISO container.


Scalable Modular Data Centre (SMDC)

The SMDC is a data center that is developed and built with specific project requirements, delivered in preconfigured modules and installed on site.



With over 30 years of experience, STULZ Technology Integration has developed an international reputation in the design, build and maintenance of Data Centres.

For more information visit the website of STULZ TI.


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