STULZ Explorer Range

Cooling for mission critical systems

The STULZ Explorer line is a series of chillers suitable for numerous areas of application. It allows STULZ to offer a budget-optimized, state-of-the-art portfolio of chillers with the high flexibility it takes to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Applications for the STULZ Explorer aircooled range

CLIMATE.CUSTOMIZED. You have the challenge, we have the solution

Portfolio of customization

Characteristics at a glance

Cooling capacity (kW)80 - 160160 - 565370 - 1,200


(GWP: 2,088)


(GWP: 2,088)

R134a (GWP: 1,430)

R513a (GWP: 573)

Cooling circuits222
Level (%)25 - 100 17/25 - 100 12,5 - 100
Free Coolingoptionaloptionaloptional
Low Noiseoptionaloptionaloptional
Product informationWPAminiWPAWSA




  • Large microchannel condensers for improved heat transfer, minimized air-side pressure drops, weight reduction and lower refrigerant quantities

  • Redundancy by 2 separate cooling circuits

  • Generously dimensioned electrical cabinet with maximized space for electrical options and customer specific requirements

  • Electronic expansion valve as standard, controlled by the

  • All chiller units can be transported in a 40 foot high cube container

  • ERP compliance

    This product meets the efficiency values according to ErP 2018

  • and many more

Indirect Free Cooling

The STULZ Explorer range is available in Free Cooling version, which allows significant energy savings, mainly in cold and temperate climates.

Indirect Free Cooling with STULZ Explorer range

Low Noise

The compressors, fans and pumps are the only noise sources with the Explorer units. Depending on operating conditions, the noise level of the chiller can be reduced by up to 10 dB.

To do this, the maximum fan speed is restricted during operation. Furthermore, cooling capacity that is comparable with the standard version can be attained with the low-noise version due to the matching of condensers and fans.

Figure below: Restriction of fan speed - To reduce noise emission, the fan speed is reduced by approx. 30% by the use of a star-delta circuit.

Standard version

Low-noise version


Control and monitoring  

  • Programmable to project-specific requirements
  • Modern, high-resolution touch screen
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Update and event protocol via Micro SD
  • Ethernet, ModBus, RTU, HTTP, SNMP
  • Monitoring via Internet
  • Future-oriented hardware and software design
  • Christian Lohrmann, Product Manager

    "The STULZ Explorer range combines the use of high quality components with the implementation of project-specific requirements to a solution that fulfills all customer needs."

Performance test for more transparency

At our modern test center, each of our STULZ Explorer units is tested before leaving our plant grounds.

If you wish you also can request and witness a performance test under your individual operating and site conditions. This creates transparency and confirms the unit's performance and energy consumption.


Efficiency challenging the future: ErP 2018 ready

The European Regulation EU 2016/2281, known as ErP 2018, sets the new SEPR parameters for assessing the energy efficiency of chillers. The entire Explorer range complies with the limits required by ErP 2018. 


  • E.E.R.: Energy Efficiency Ratio
    Chiller efficiency at a certain condition.


  • E.S.E.E.R.: European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
    Seasonal efficiency of a chiller for comfort: ambient air from 25 to 35°C


  • S.E.P.R.: Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio
    Evaluates the load and temperature variations during the year,
    relative to the chiller's electricity consumption.

Parameters for high-temperature process cooling chillers (reg. EU 2016/2281):


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