Industrial Cooling

Air cooled scroll chiller with integrated Free Cooling


Sector: Industrial Cooling

Scope: Process Cooling


  • Highest availability of the cooling system (all year round)
  • Longest possible operation with Free Cooling
Schematics: two separate refrigerant circuits

Schematics: two separate refrigerant circuits (click to enlarge)


The requirement for reliability was resolved by using two separate refrigerant circuits. In normal operation, both refrigerant circuits work using sequencing. If a compressor or a refrigerant circuit drops out, a minimum of 50% of total capacity continues to be available.

The chilling system was manufactured at our plant in Italy and delivered in one piece. Production and installation diagrams were planned in 3D and implemented on site. Soft starters were used to reduce the compressor inrush current.

Productpicture Explorer WPA 3V.120

Air cooled scroll chiller WPA

Technical Data
Cooling capacity Q0302 kW
EER incl. chilled water pump3.00
Refrigerating agent70/30% water/glycol
Refrigerant inlet+10°C
Refrigerant outlet+6°C
Ambient temperature+35/-20°C
Sound power79 db(A)
Compressor make and type2 x 2 scroll compressors



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