Industrial Cooling

Air cooled screw chiller for alcohol liquefaction at 0°C



Sector: Industrial Cooling

Scope: Dealcoholization under vacuum


  • Sound level (tourist district)
  • Highest availability of the cooling system
  • Greatly fluctuating water flowrates


A producer of sparkling wine required a vacuum dealcoholization system. As production is located in the tourist area of town, there were stringent requirements regarding sound levels. Because the CyberCool 2 is designed for partial load operation, STULZ was able to satisfy these requirements by reducing the fan speed. Due to its large heat exchanger surface areas, the chilling system achieves optimum evaporating and condensing temperatures, and therefore a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) value.

Formula for EER

Explanation: Q0= Cooling capacity; P el= Electrical power consumption

Industrial Cooling - schematic view

Schematic view with CyberCool 2 and buffertank - Click to enlarge

The required availability was fulfilled by using two refrigerant circuits each with a screw compressor. Communication between the chilling system and the facility management system takes place via fiber optic cables providing a higher data speed and security. The greatly fluctuating water flowrates and cold brine temperatures are compensated by a horizontal 6 m³ buffer tank. Pipes and buffer tank are made of stainless steel 1.4571 for a higher corrosion protection. 

The chilling system was manufactured at our plant in Hamburg and delivered in one piece. Production and installation diagrams and their individual components and pipework were planned in 3D ensuring a higher planning security and then implemented on site.

Technical Data
Cooling capacity Q0860 kW
EER incl. chilled water pump2.8
Evaporating temperature-2°C
Refrigerating agent30% propylene glycol
Refrigerant inlet+6°C
Refrigerant outlet0°C
Ambient temperature+35/-20°C
Sound power88 db(A)
Compressor make and typeBitzer, screw compressor




Crane with buffertank
CyberCool 2 chiller on the floor

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