STULZ Digitronic CyberHub ECO.DC

World premiere
at Chillventa 2016

Monitoring data centers and server rooms with the STULZ Digitronic CyberHub ECO.DC. Right on time for Chillventa 2016, software developer and digitization specialist STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH has caused a sensation among experts and trade fair visitors.

This software solution helps data center operators adapt their air-conditioning control dynamically to suit the air-conditioning requirements in question and to identify hidden energy-saving potential. The software supports numerous industry-standard protocols and works as a higher-order system, capable of displaying and evaluating a wide variety of information.

The STULZ CyberHub ECO.DC monitoring solution, developed from scratch, monitors data centers and server rooms, collects temperature data and other important sensor parameters, and presents them in a user-friendly 3D display.




Industry specialists were particularly impressed with the detailed heat map provided by the STULZ CyberHub ECO.DC, which can be created with a single click.

The ability to compile individual status reports and send them automatically also won praise. This enables data center operators to see at a glance where they could make energy savings, and where there is potential for optimization. 

Ractical, everyday relevance is an essential feature of the STULZ CyberHub ECO.DC. What sets it apart from other popular DCIM solutions, in particular, is its simple implementation and clearly set out software interface. Users can install and set up the solution themselves in very little time. And a team of expert engineers is available at STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH if required, to lend a hand with adapting the unit to suit individual requirements. Since the software is not tied to any particular manufacturer, information from UPS systems, processors, energy meters and PDUs can also be integrated in the system. Interested data center operators, specialist planners and air conditioning specialists are welcome to find out about the new monitoring solution in detail on the STULZ CyberHub ECO.DC product page.





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