Data Center Infrastructure Management

CyberHub ECO.DC

The Data Center Infrastructure Management Tool helps optimize processes in the data center and reduce energy consumption.

Data center transparency thanks to CyberHub ECO.DC

A central aspect in the life cycle of efficient data centers is the precise recording, evaluation and documentation of important data.

In order to optimize the reliability and energy efficiency of your data center, STULZ Digitronic Software GmbH has developed a software solution that you can use to monitor, plan, check and manage the operation of your data center.

From monitoring and analysis through to status reports, the numerous functions of the CyberHub ECO.DC provide you with an overview of important data relating to your data center. This is because only gapless recording makes it possible to react to current situations on time and with precision.


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CyberHub ECO.DC is optimized for multiple devices and screen sizes due to its responsive design.


  • Savings on operating costs

    Identification of savings potential thanks to constant monitoring.

  • Improved reliability

    Round-the-clock monitoring of e.g. the temperature values in the data center in order to prevent hot spots.

  • Superordinate system

    The software, after coordination of an interface, can collate a wide range of data such as power, gas, heating levels and cooling levels in different systems within the data center.

  • Browser based

    The CyberHub ECO.DC software is intuitive and can be used on workstations or mobile devices.

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