Customer-specific refrigeration systems

Energy efficiency, capital investment, operating costs, room size, noise protection, redundancy, local climate – every project has its own specific requirements when it comes to precise air conditioning. That’s why STULZ offers you the opportunity to have the units precisely adapted to your project’s individual requirements. The right air conditioning system is a crucial factor here. The CyberRow is available in four different cooling systems, to help you achieve the ideal balance between investment, operating costs and energy efficiency.

Air-cooled system based on the direct evaporator principle (A/AS)

Heat is extracted from the room air as it flows through the evaporator, and is then transferred to the refrigerant. The air conditioning unit and condenser are connected to one another by a closed refrigerant circuit. The refrigerant emits the heat to the outside air via the air-cooled condenser.

Water-cooled system based on the direct evaporator principle (GS)

Our water-cooled system works like the air-cooled system, with one difference: the heat from the refrigerant circuit is transferred to a cooling water circuit via a brazed plate condenser integrated in the air conditioning unit. This way, the amount of refrigerant required is low. The heat in the cooling water circuit is then discharged into the outside air via an external dry cooler.

The GES system with Indirect Free Cooling

The GES system is a hybrid system combining a GS system with Indirect Free Cooling. As soon as the outside temperature permits, the GES system switches from Compressor mode to Energy-Saving mode. The outside air is then utilized for Indirect Free Cooling.

In temperate climate zones north and south of the equatorial zone, the STULZ CyberRow can exploit its energy-saving advantages to the full. Electricity consumption for rack air conditioning falls by up to 60 %. Using CyberRow GES cuts operating costs and is environmentally friendly.

Chilled water systems (CW/CW2)

The air conditioning unit with CW system manages without a refrigerant circuit of its own, but requires a separate chiller. The air conditioning unit and chiller are connected to one another by a closed water-glycol circuit.

For highly reliable systems, the CW2 system offers the possibility of the integration of two redundant chilled water systems in one air conditioning unit.

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