Super Chiller

The STULZ Chiller Superlative

For a data centre in the Frankfurt area, a long-term partner of STULZ needed a "Climate Customized" solution for its data centre. Two chillers were commissioned which can be integrated into an existing system concept, but which must meet the strictest requirements for noise emissions and electrical switchgear.

Under the motto "size matters", our Super Chillers were developed: two CyberCool 2s, which not only met the specifications due to oversized components, but far exceeded them. With a weight of over 20 tons and a length of about 15 meters per piece, the transport was anything but standard. In our time-lapse video, you get an idea of the effort of loading and the impressive size of our Super Chillers.


  1. Maximum starting current of 600 Ampere
  2. Permissible noise emission of 94 dB(A)
  3. 900kW cooling capacity

CyberCool 2 "Super-Chillers":

  1. 20 Ampere starting current
  2. 94 dB(A) noise emission
  3. Maximum cooling capacity of 2 MW


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