CyberCool 2

The high-end chiller

Maximum energy efficiency and optimum reliability for complex, sophisticated chiller solutions without compromise – this is what our CyberCool 2 chillers stand for. And for a completely novel overall concept, whereby all the components of the CyberCool 2 are perfectly harmonized to ensure both high energy efficiency and low noise emissions.

Characteristics at a glance

CC2 Scroll CC2 Screw
Cooling capacity (kW) 43 - 130 from 130 400 - 1,400


(GWP: 2,088)


(GWP: 2,088)

R134a (GWP:1,430)

R1234ze (GWP: 7)

Compressor Scroll Scroll Screw *
Cooling circuits 1-2 2 2
Free Cooling optional optional optional
Low Noise optional optional optional
Product information CyberCool 2mini CyberCool 2 Scroll CyberCool 2 Screw

* All screw compressors in combination with tube bundle evaporators with dry expansion (DX)



Available versions for this product:

Energy efficiency

CyberCool 2 - Energy efficiency at a glance

Solutions & Applications

Solutions for CyberCool 2 units

  • For medium-sized and large Data Centers, ICT sector, industry, medical, mission critical applications

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • Outdoor installation

Applications for the CyberCool 2 range

CLIMATE.CUSTOMIZED. You have the challenge, we have the solution

Portfolio of customization


  • Increase of efficiency and reduction of operating costs thanks to "Mix Mode Boost"

  • Flexible adaption to every project

  • Cooling system with the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO leader)

  • Made and Engineered in Germany

  • Ongoing quality management during production

  • ERP compliance

    This product meets the efficiency values according to ErP 2018

Efficiency challenging the future: ErP 2018 ready

The European Regulation EU 2016/2281, known as ErP 2018, sets the new SEPR parameters for assessing the energy efficiency of chillers. The entire CyberCool 2 range complies with the limits required by ErP 2018. 


  • E.E.R.: Energy Efficiency Ratio
    Chiller efficiency at a certain condition.


  • E.S.E.E.R.: European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
    Seasonal efficiency of a chiller for comfort: ambient air from 25 to 35°C


  • S.E.P.R.: Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio
    Evaluates the load and temperature variations during the year,
    relative to the chiller's electricity consumption.

Parameters for high-temperature process cooling chillers (reg. EU 2016/2281):


Power failure - be best prepared with the CyberCool 2

Power failure
  • Christian Lohrmann, Product Manager

    "The sum total of all these small details makes the difference!"

High-quality workmanship and engineering excellence – Made in Germany

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