Hi, I'm Claudia

It's nice to meet you. I would like to tell you about my work here, and explain why I like working at STULZ. Perhaps we'll be colleagues some day soon?

Key Account Manager


  • About me

    For me, a job needs to be as varied as possible. And if I also have the opportunity to work in a team, then that is definitely the post for me. Before my apprenticeship, I couldn't imagine an office job as particularly "appealing". However, because of the variety of my work and my diverse customers and colleagues, today my work is just that. Obstacles always arise, but it is precisely these challenges that make my everyday work so varied.

  • Qualifications

    While I was looking for an apprenticeship as an Industrial Management Assistant, I became aware of STULZ GmbH and, after passing the recruitment test, began my 3-year apprenticeship. I was very happy to subsequently be taken on by Sales Export, because this is an extremely varied field. A couple of years later, I decided to take an instructor aptitude test and an advanced course in Industrial Business Administration. As a result, I was able to expand the range of work I could do, and later on, become Team Manager for commerce in Sales Export.

  • My STULZ

    To put it simply, I "grew up" at STULZ and, in the time from being an apprentice to today, where I organize apprenticeships in our department myself, I have been able to see and learn a great deal. In my current job as Team Manager, my work involves organizing, optimizing and documenting processes on the commercial side. It includes getting involved in projects, putting system changes into practice, through everyday tasks such as compliance and accreditation checks, order-based customer support, handling orders, and induction of colleagues and apprentices. Our team is a hub to a large number of internal departments, as well as approximately 140 external sales partners. For me, it is this diversity that makes my job so appealing.

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