Application tips for school leavers

So, you'd like to apply for an apprenticeship or combined degree/practical course at STULZ? We have put together a few tips on what is important when applying to STULZ.

How do I apply?

You can either apply in the traditional manner using a "portfolio" or, ideally, online.

A complete application includes a cover letter, a clear and concise résumé, your most recent certificates and any documentation about extracurricular activities. Please always bear in mind that first impressions count. You should therefore be meticulous about layout, appearance and spelling, and also the photo.

When can I apply?

Our courses always commence on August 1 of each year. Of course, the application process begins much earlier. Normally, the first interviews take place in the September before the course. So you need to have sent your application to us before then. Up to this time, we take in all incoming applications and then invite applicants to panel interviews or send a rejection as of November before the course starts.

What application documents do I need to submit?

Please always submit a cover letter, a résumé in tabular form and your most recent certificates. It would be helpful to know why you have chosen a specialist vocation, and what you like to do in your leisure time, or what you are interested in personally and/or socially. It would be especially good if you had already gained an impression of your chosen vocational course during a placement or work experience. We are also happy to receive a photo, as a picture completes an overall good impression.

Application period

The applications period commences each June the year before the start of the course. From this time, we accept applications and start the first interviews in the September before the start of the course. The application process ends when we have found an ideal candidate and both parties have signed the contract.



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