Application tips for novices and experienced workers

So, you'd like to apply for one of our vacant positions? We have put together some tips on what's important for a successful application to STULZ.

  • How do I apply?

    If you are interested in being employed by the STULZ company, please submit all your application documents, consisting of a cover letter, a clear and concise résumé and relevant certificates, and ideally a photo, online using our application tool for the vacant position in question. You can apply for one of our job vacancies oder send us a speculative application.

    Please don't forget to tell us when you're available, and your expected salary.

    We will be very happy if you could put all the attachments together in a single document. You will then be saving us a great deal of work.

    We would of course also be interested to know how STULZ came to your attention. We will be pleased if you mention this briefly in your cover letter.

  • How does the application process work?

    1. After you have submitted your documents, first of all you will be sent confirmation of receipt which, ideally, will indicate that your documents have been received in their entirety. If any documents are missing, you will be requested to send these as soon as possible.

    2. Human Resources will check your complete documentation first, and forward it to the relevant department if it is of interest.

    3. The department will examine your application carefully, paying attention to qualifications, career history, certificates and experience. Of course, your desired salary and possible start date are also important factors. Once the department has gained an overview of all applications received, it will examine the documents to see if they fit the requirement profile, and name possible candidates for a job interview.

    4. The dates will be set by Human Resources and, in most cases, interviews will be conducted at our headquarters in Hamburg. In some cases, a non-binding induction on site at a subsidiary may be organized beforehand. Job interviews are usually held by the future direct line manager and a member of the Human Resources department. In the interview, you will be asked about your specialist qualifications and career history, but we will also be interested in your personal aptitude for the corporate values of STULZ GmbH. For this reason, it is vital that you prepare beforehand, so that you can give us a good first impression of yourself.

      A job interview is in fact always a two-way process: we want to know about you, and no doubt you want to know about us. So make the most of the time after the interviews to decide whether the company is right for you.

    5. Immediately after the interview, there is a period during which STULZ GmbH will let you know its decision on whether to conduct further interviews.

    6. In a follow-up interview, you will again be talking to your future line manager, but also to representatives from other levels of the hierarchy at STULZ, so that you can get a better idea of the people involved at our company. If time permits, we will also offer you a tour of our premises, so that you can gain an initial impression.

    7. If, after the interview, all questions have been answered, no further interviews are scheduled and all parties are unanimous in wanting to work together, we will negotiate a concrete contract with you and send you a draft contract in advance.

    The way is then clear for you to start work at the STULZ company.

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